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RoyalTS 6 resizes immediately after startup

Somewhere in the RoyalTS 6 lifecycle, the initial size of RoyalTS on startup has gotten buggy. Every time I start RoyalTS 6.1.60731, the main application starts full screen then, seconds later, resizes itself down to windowed mode. Yet the title bar shows the application state as maximized. I have to change it to window mode then back to maximized to resolve the issue. I cannot pinpoint when exactly this started, but I noticed it well before even 6.1.

I am currently running Windows 11 x64 22H2 22621.2134, though I also noticed this behavior in Windows 10.

I tried removing my RibbonSettings-6.xml file and UserPreferences.config file but this made no impact. The left nav saved items in RoyalTS just disappeared. It will still start and resize down immediately.

Is there any way to fix this behavior so that the application opens (and stays) in full maximized mode? A setting I'm missing perhaps? It is extremely irritating. I am positive this did not happen in RoyalTS 5.

Resolving as a dupe of this same thread (accidental double post):

Mods please delete if possible.

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