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Royal TS 7.0.50809 Key Sequence not Shifting for upper case/special


I have a KS that sends the $EffectivePassword$.  

in v7, the KS executes, but it is not sending special characters or capital letters.  

I tried an ad-hoc KS using the 2 available methods, both have the same issue.

Manually holding the Shift key on the keyboard does affect the output of that helps.

Let me know if you need any more info.



May I kindly ask you to open a support ticket here:



We updated the key sequence feature in V7 so that it would be more flexible. If a key sequence is configured as a separate task, please try toggeling the following settings to resolve the issue:

i've a lot key sequences and after the update to v7.01.51215 i found a strange, almost dangerous, behavior. in some key sequences i've a | (pipe). now when i execute the task (into a linux terminal) with default settings, the pipe is replaced by a square bracket (<)....which is a output redirection. this is really dangerous!

i checked the box "do not send scan codes" and now it works...the pipe is pasted/displayed correctly into the terminal. 

but i'm not sure what this option exactly means?? 

Until I understand this, I will not use the key sequence task feature any further. 

Hi Sven!

Yes, key sequence tasks can be dangerous and should always be used with caution. It can be a powerful tool though.

In V7 we introduced a new feature which allows you to send scan codes. Depending on the "target" of your key sequence task, the result may differ. In remote desktop sessions, for example, you may see different behavior when you send key sequences to an open command prompt window compared to a powershell window or a web browser. Different keyboard layouts can also play a role with that. So depending on your target you may want to send scan codes in order to get the correct result or not.

I hope this helps.


and in v6 key sequence tasks never send a scan code? 

or in other words...checking the box "do not send scan codes" is the v6 equivalent?

Yes, that is correct.

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Good to hear. But I don't understand why you changed the default setting instead of adopt the settings from v6 (for compatibility reasons)? I mean...I'm via Rebex on a RHEL 8 machine and the execution of a key sequence task turns a pipe into a output redirection. For business users like us (German state authority by the way), this can lead to a major problem on a production system. Fortunately, we noticed it during a harmless task...others may be less lucky.

The reason that's the default behavior is because this is mostly relevant for graphical remote desktop connections (RDP/VNC). Terminal connections should prefer "direct mode" by default because this is a much safer way as simulating keyboard input and dealing with focus issues. Is there a reason you don't use direct mode for your rebex based terminals?

Interesting...most of my key sequence tasks I created in RTS v3 or v4 and i think i never changed the execution mode. Direct mode is not the default, isn't it? Ok, what's your recommendation for connections to Linux machines? Just use "always use direct mode when supported" and leave "do not send scan codes" unchecked?

Yes, I would say, that should be recommended by default. Of course, there may be exceptions depending on the use case. Over the years, situations have changed. Direct mode was only available for Rebex based connections but now, since V7 it's also working for PuTTY in most cases. Since there are so many options and different behaviors depending on the target connection type, I would always recommend to test what works best for you and your use cases.

Thank you, sounds good. Happy Holidays and thank you for your years of good work!! :)

You're welcome! Happy holidays as well!

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