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Royal TS 6.01.60728

After Update the Navigation Bar is "Cut". You only can see 50% of the bar. The Rest is a greyed Field.

Downgrade to the Version before fix the Problem.

Hi Ralf,

thanks for reporting the issue. We noticed that on some machines there are rendering issues. We will release a new version soon with the fix.


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Hi Ralf,

sorry that you are experiencing this behavior.

I am happy to inform you that we have just released a new version of Royal TS V6 that fixes the reported Navigation Panel issue. This bug was caused by a new version of DevExpress (a 3rd party component). In this latest version, we rolled back to the previous release of DevExpress, which fixed this bug. Unfortunately, this issue only seems to have occurred on a small number of machines, so we missed it in our release testing. 

You can download the latest version here:

Installer version

portable. zip version

Thanks again for pointing this out to us, and sorry for the inconvenience this has caused!

Best regards,


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Hi Stefan and Christian,

Thank you for the quick help. Is there already a release date for V7? The Beta Stadium seems to go on and on and on..... ;).

Regards Ralf

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