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Terminal SSH (Rebex) mouse scroll issue

 There is a weird behavior (most likely an issue) using the terminal with "full screen" console applications, the one im using is "midnight commander", when using the scroll inside the midnight commander editor (mcedit) or inside midnight commander itself, the scroll moves outside the mc scope, instead of scrolling thru the mc contents.

This does not happen on putty, the mouse scroll is passed correctly there and scrolls the mc contents.

Hi Ezequiel,

sorry that you are experiencing this behavior.

Would you please be able to share screenshots/screen-recording of your Midnight Commander - Royal TS configuration, so we can try and reproduce the issue?

If you want, you can also send us the screenshots/screen-recording via a new support ticket here:

Thanks &  best regards,


Hi Ezequiel,

thank you very much for pointing this out to us. We have been able to reproduce this behavior and have contacted Rebex and asked them to look into this. We will get back to you as soon as we have heard back from them!

Hi Ezequiel!

Looks like the scroll behavior in Rebex and PuTTY is differently.

PuTTY, by default sends scroll events to the GUI instead of the server. When you hold the SHIFT key while scrolling, PuTTY sends the events to the server.

Rebex is the other way around. By default, it sends the scroll events to the server and holding the SHIFT key sends it to the GUI.

Let me know if this helps.


thank you for checking it out.

Dont they have an option to change that behavior? seems odd to use a different one than putty, but either way, would be good if there was an option to select the behavior and in that scenario, and option in royalts to select it

It seems there's a way to change the behavior but I'm afraid we cannot get that in V7 before it is released. Once V7 is released, I will revisit this and see what I can do.


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