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usb token works bad when connected to server via Royal TS

We used to connect an USB token to our laptop and connect to a server via RDP.

Since we use Royal TS to connect to the server, the USB token fails to work with an error saying that it tries to send too many times password (not correct wotkflow).

Are there some limitations for the use of a USB token with Royal TS?

Do you have an idea what can be the root cause?

(the RDP way still works fine)

Thanks you.


I can't really think of anything which could cause the issue. Royal TS is using the Microsoft RDP ActiveX control which ships with Windows and there are some differences between the ActiveX and mstsc.exe. You could try the Microsoft/Sysinternals RDCMan and see if it is working there:

RDCMan is also using the ActiveX.

Let me know if this is working for you?


I tried now on MacOS and it fails both with RDP and Royal.

Only RDP in windows works.

I have checked the device manager.

By RDP there are four Software Devices shown.

On Mac and via Royal TS on windows there is only two.

Is there some feature in Royal TS filtering what is loaded or not?

Hi Oliver,

would you be so kind and test Microsoft's RDCMan I mentioned before. This would help clarify whether or not this is a general issue with the ActiveX control. The MacOS implementation is completely different and based on FreeRDP and not really comparable to Windows.


it works correctly with RDCMan

Thanks for letting me know. I guess it's a configuration issue then. Can you open a support ticket and provide some more data how you setup your connection? Some screenshots or RDCMan and Royal TS sample file would be helpful.

You can open a support ticket here: 

Thank you!

The problem got resolved by enabling the various Redirection options in the connection settings:

Best regards,


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