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Autofill at Sophos UTM

Hello @all,

i would like to use the autofill feature at a Sophos UTM Firewall, but i can not get this to work.

I configured Web Page Objekt (Chrome) for the firewall and configured the autofill feature.The webpage opens but without filling the username and passwort.

On other sites the autofill feature is working without problems....

Any hints are welcome...




depending on the web page and how it has been designed, auto fill may or may not work well. There are a couple of things you can try - like identifying the elements using jquery selectors or falling back to key sequence tasks. You can find more information about these options here:

It's not guaranteed that this works on all web pages but it may help in this case.


Hi Stefan,

i tried the key-sequenze feature and.... it worked!!  :-)  Thanks for the link, this point me to the solution.. 



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