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Dynamic folder do not reload after document save with Royal Server

Hello everyone,

I don't know if this intentional or not, but dynamic folders in documents stored on Royal Server do not reload after save, even with the the option "Automatically reload folder contents" enabled.

Is there a way to fix this?


just to let you know: the issue has been fixed and will be released in the next minor release.

Thanks for reporting the bug.


Hi Christoph,

thanks for the clarification, I was able to reproduce the issue and forwarded it to our devs.

Once I have more information to share, I will let you know.

In the meantime, I wish you a nice day!

Best regards,


Both versions are up-to-date. If I add anything I get the "Operation in progress" message and then the contents of the Dynamic folder disappear.

Hi Christoph,

I just tested this using Royal TS 6.1.50722 in combination with the Royal Server 4.1.50624 and was not able to reproduce the issue.

When closing the Royal Server document and reopening it, the Dynamic Folder script is automatically reloaded, as long as the "Automatically reload folder contents" option is checked.

In case you are not using the latest versions of our software, can you please do so and see if this resolves the issue?

Thanks & best regards,


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