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Royal Server Document Versioning (Backup & Restore)

Nowadays you can retain a customized number of version of a DB on the Royal Server.

Unfortunately there is no way to access the old one. You need to manually rename files on the Royal Server, restart it and then access the old DB.

Then you can copy out the record you want to restore and then repeat the operation described before to open the current DB and recover the entries.

It would be better if the Royal Client could open all versions of the DB (Oldest in read only) to have the opportunity to recover the entries you need. 

It would be a dream to have a "compare" between two versions with the user who changed the records.

Hi Luca,

I think this would make a nice feature. 

Opening all backup documents at the same time might be a little much depending on the number of backups. 

I would prefer doing this one at a time.

As for the "compare" part, I assume you mean a comparison of the raw document. 

Just having a viewer for this might be easy, but an edit/merge feature on such a low level might prove to be more tricky with regards to keeping the document valid at all times. Is your main intention just to figure out which user did a change?

Anyway, we will investigate and discuss how we can improve backup management in a future version. 

I will update this thread if there is any new information.

Regards, Hans

Hi Hans,

  your proposal make sense. Having a comparison between the current opened DB and one of the older version would be a step forward. With this I can understand what was changed and would be great to have a detail with who, what and when an object was changed.

Then I need also to recover the entries that was wrongly deleted. Nowadays I have to stop the users,  rename the files on the server with a software restart and then I can restore the old version, export the entries and then recover them in the latest DB.

It would be great to select the old entries and restore them back to the latest DB.

I understand this could take more developing time but I think it would be the right path-

So let's go step-by-step if you can but  this could make the Royal Server as Enterprise as possible.

Regards, Luca

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