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Browsing remote path via SCP not possible?

I'm a MobaXterm user and was trying RoyalTS as a replacement, I setup a SCP connection and I see the UI is not displaying the files on the server path - is this intended?

I clicked "Download" and it just started downloading everything - thats not what I intended I wanted to see the files on the server then right click download if I wanted to do that...

Below is a screenshot of what I am used to and sorta what I expected out of file transfer module.


What I got on TS after connecting...


am I doing something wrong?

Hi Giovanni!

Our file transfer implementation doesn't support directory browsing when using SCP. Most systems which support SCP also support SFTP. Not sure if your host supports this. If SCP is your only option you might be able to integrate a 3rd party app like WinSCP using the external application connection:


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the response. Changing the setting to SFTP does show the UI I was looking for - great!

I do have a few noob questions about Royal TS if you don't mind answering.

1. Syncing between laptop and desktop. 

Any way to keep my configuration or file automatically synced (unattended) between a Royal TS client on Windows and one running on Mac? 

Looking to keep my settings, panel / UI settings and connection defaults in sync between the laptop and desktop.

Similarly related but perhaps not - I use bitwarden, if there is no native sync built-in - is there an instruction how to set up the bitwarden to be my password store? I came across some other discussions about a custom configuration but what is unclear for me is if the setup is truly 'unattended' or if it always would require a command be executed to push/pull settings in both devices...

2. Royal Server + Royal TS combination 

Do they sync between eachother unattended? or are they considered standalone products that must be configured independently? 

3. Royal Server NAT hole punchthrough 

is Royal Server able to get thru restrictive NAT firewalls that don't do port forwarding and block incoming connections? e.g: is there a relay or TUN service similar to LogMeIn Hamachi which works.


4. iOS Sync

Do any of the apps (Royal TS, or the server) allow settings to be synced to my iPhone or would it require manual configuration?

Your software seems to be very promising.

Sure, no problem:

1) your connections and folder structure is saved in .rtsz files (documents) which can easily be shared between platforms and machines by saving them to a location where everyone has access to (file share, cloud drive sync service, or Royal Server). The configuration of your client is stored in %appdata%\code4ward in the code4ward.RoyalTS.UserPreferences.config file. You can also point to a different location in the RoyalTS.exe.config file (for V5 or earlier) or the appsettings.json file in Royal TS V6. See:

2) Royal Server is an "add on" which provides additional features (secure gateway/tunneling, management connections and document store). Royal Server and Royal TS is licensed separately and configured separately.

3) No, Royal Server requires one port (54899 by default) for management connections and another port (22 by default) for SSH tunneling. If your Royal Server is behind a firewall/router, you must forward these two ports.

4) See 1) In iOS or Android you can open existing .rtsz files

I hope I could answer all your questions. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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