Thanks to Arsimael, who blogged about that in German  here , I’m happy to translate and re-blog his content on our blog in English. If you want to make Royal TS portable and start it from a USB memory stick, external drive or even from a  Dropbox  folder, continue to read…

What does  portable  mean?

Portable means, that you do not have to install Royal TS to use it. You just put in your memory stick and start Royal TS from the memory stick – without installing it.

To make a portable version of Royal TS you need to  download  and install it once. After you’ve installed it on your computer it’s a very simple procedure to make it portable:

1. Copy Royal TS to the new location (memory stick, external drive, etc.)

Copy the contents from the Royal TS installation directory to the new location.

By default Royal TS is installed in %ProgramFiles%\Royal TS V*

Note: Older version may have a different default installation directory. 

Also: Do not move the files to the new location . After you’ve copied the files to the new location, you may uninstall Royal TS again, since you will the start it from the new location.

Alternatively you can download a ZIP file containing all files from our download page as linked above. In case you download the ZIP file, make sure you unblock all the files using, for example, Powershell:

dir '.\RoyalTS\' -Recurse | Unblock-File
(assuming you copied the file to '.\RoyalTS\')

2. Create a configuration folder

Royal TS needs a couple of configuration files. By default they are stored in the user's profile directory. Since we also want to have our settings wherever we go, we need to create a new configuration folder in the new location where we copied the Royal TS files.

In the folder where RoyalTS.exe was relocated, create a subfolder called with the name  config

3. Change default paths

Use the Royal TS configuration system (appsettings.json) to change the configuration path and point it to the folder you created above. The appsettings.json also allows you to set other temporary paths. A appsettings-sample.json is available with the default configuration. Simple copy/rename this file and change the settings.

For more information, go to

4. Copy the configuration file to the new configuration folder

Go to: %APPDATA%\code4ward  and copy the file code4ward.RoyalTS.UserPreferences.config  to the folder you created in step 2.

Royal TS is now portable!

Things you should know

While the above works well in general, there might be the one or the other issue:

  • Uninstall Royal TS using the Control Panel after you made your portable version. This avoids that the “original” ”non-portal” version is opened when you double-click a .rtsz file.
  • When you want to upgrade to a newer version of Royal TS, install it on a computer, execute step 1 from above  without  overwriting/deleting the config folder in the portable location.
  • When you start Royal TS the first time from the portable location you may have to re-enter your license information.