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Connect with different credentials


prior to Royal TS I was using ASG Remote Desktop. I could set credentials and connect to a resource by right click - connect as. Is this somehow also possible with Royal TS? I only found a way to assign one set of credentials to a server resource.

I could not find a way to accomplish that. What am I missing?



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Hi Johannes,

I believe there are a few possible ways to do this:

1.)"Connect with Options": right-click on the connection object in the Navigation Panel and then select "Connect with Options - Prompt for Credentials".

2.)"Connect using Templates": You could create a template that prompts for credentials. You can find more information on templates here:

3.)Alternatively, you could also edit the connection in question so that it always prompts for the connection picker.  You can find out how to do that here:

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Germar Tischler

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