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Accessing Azure using Royal TS

I recently was given access to a client site using an Azure connection.  To access the connection I launch the Remote Desktop app, which presents me (after login) with the list of desktops (one at present).  It is using an RDP type interface, but I cannot find the configuration elements to create a connection in Royal TS.   Any help? ler


can you provide more details about the resource you are trying to connect to in Azure? Is this a server you connect to or are these remote apps? Are you downloading an .RDP file which is then opened by mstsc.exe?


It is a client's Azure  RDP desktop.  We access it using the new Windows Remote Desktop Client (Version  I was trying to find the "access details" in the WRDC folders.  

I'm sorry, I still don't know how and where to you actually want to connect. Azure is a vast collection of different services and some have special ways to access them. Can you post some screenshots? If there's an .rdp file download, please also post the content of that .rdp file. If this information is sensitive, strip out/cover all sensitive information and/or feel free to open a support ticket to keep them private between us.



Here is a series of screenshots. 

(33.1 KB)
(64.5 KB)
(14.9 KB)
(11.7 KB)

Hi Larry,

I'm wondering what app the "Remote Desktop" app you start is actually (screenshot 1) and in screenshot 2 you select a predefined "connection". Is that a connection which can be exported as .rdp file? I honestly have no idea what that is. It's obviously not mstsc.exe and I'm not sure if the connection you start here can be configured in Royal TS at all. We are using the Microsoft RDP ActiveX which ships with Windows and it only provides a subset of all RDP functionality. There's a chance that we cannot really connect to that resource this way.


Thanks for your help/interest.  I'll just stick to the existing interface. If I ever discover the secret - I'll come back and post. 


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