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RoyalTS tries to save Read-Only-Documents from Royal Server

 When opening a Document on RoyalServer that is shared read-only and something gets changed, RoyalTS tries to save the file and produces a error message. It might be better to either forbid changes to the document, or warn the user once that changes will not be saved.

Hi Roman,

can you clarify if the document's lockdown policy is set to read-only or if the document permission on Royal Server is set to read-only.

Thank you,

This happens when I set the document permissions on RoyalServer.

When using lockdown, I'd need to tell every user encryption (not the lockdown) password.

Thinking about it, it would be nice to have locked down Documents served by RoyalServer, without the need of a user to enter a password.

Thanks for the details, Roman. I will look into it.

As for lockdown docs without passwords: that's currently not possible because we need to use encryption (and a password) to ensure lockdown is secure.

Hi Roman,

we've identified the problem and are working on a fix. There's a chance that we can only fix it in the next major release as there is some other work related to this. As a workaround, you could host those Royal Server docs with a read-only lockdown policy to prevent the client from saving it.


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