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error message "Cannot read executable filename for process with id" using PuTTY plugin

Hi there,

I'm recently seeing the above mentioned error message when I'm trying to establish a connection via SSH using the PuTTY plugin. It shows different process IDs until it finally bails out after about 20 seconds and shows me with the Window Picker.

It is a fairly recent issue which has only started a couple of days ago.

Any ideas here?

Okay, so the process IDs in question were MMCs. I closed all of them, and the last process ID was Fujitsu's DeskUpdate (the computer I'm using is a Fujitsu workstation). I closed that as well, and now I don't receive any error message at all, just a the Window Picker after a short while. Very strange!

That's weird. I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Can you reproduce it on a different machine as well?

Sorry for the late response. No, I couldn't reproduce it because I didn't h ave access to a different machine. However, the issue hasn't resurfaced so far. So fingers crossed it was just a one-time incident, probably related to increased solar flare activity.

I see. Thanks for getting back. Please let me know if you see the issue again.


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