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error message "Cannot read executable filename for process with id" using PuTTY plugin

Hi there,

I'm recently seeing the above mentioned error message when I'm trying to establish a connection via SSH using the PuTTY plugin. It shows different process IDs until it finally bails out after about 20 seconds and shows me with the Window Picker.

It is a fairly recent issue which has only started a couple of days ago.

Any ideas here?

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Okay, so the process IDs in question were MMCs. I closed all of them, and the last process ID was Fujitsu's DeskUpdate (the computer I'm using is a Fujitsu workstation). I closed that as well, and now I don't receive any error message at all, just a the Window Picker after a short while. Very strange!

That's weird. I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Can you reproduce it on a different machine as well?

Sorry for the late response. No, I couldn't reproduce it because I didn't h ave access to a different machine. However, the issue hasn't resurfaced so far. So fingers crossed it was just a one-time incident, probably related to increased solar flare activity.

I see. Thanks for getting back. Please let me know if you see the issue again.


I can confirm this: 

Cannot read executable filename for process with id 103272: Access denied

Looks like Royal tries to find the Putty session for embedding the terminal, and searches every process ID for its name. But thats only a uqualified guess from my side

We actually know the PuTTY process ID and we are looking for a specific window created by that process ID. We don't pull in a window from a different/unknown process id.

Just updated to 5.2.60420. I see the same error here.

That's weird. Are you running a Windows Insider build? Do you have some secuity/personal firewall tool installed which may interfere?

If I start Royal with Admin rights, the error message is gone, and its way quicker to embed the connection

Hmm, it looks like that the PuTTY executable is started elevated then but I have no clue how that's even possible. Are you using the shipped PuTTY version included with Royal TS or are you using your own PuTTY from a specified path in the plugin settings?

Nope, plain Windows 10 Pro, Version 1903 - 18362.836. No securiy software except antivirus. Same error on another computer runing Windows 10 1803 (Busines)

Using shipped putty. Plugin - Terminal - putty has no modifications

Can you please check if the process started by Royal TS (when not started as admin/elevated) is elevated using the task manager:,Elevated%22%2C%20and%20click%20OK.

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