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Remote Desktop DPI Scaling: RoyalTS vs Windows

I've noticed recently that if I connect to a anything using Remote Desktop in Windows using MSTSC the scaling seems to be correct but when I connect using RoyalTS everything is enlarged. This has caused me some issues when using software in Remote Desktop connections in RoyalTS because everything is so large it's hard to see everything as intended leading to more scroll bars, etc...





I think that would be all before 5.2 but I please keep in mind that there were some nasty GDI object leaks and some cross threading issues with bitmaps in 5.1.x and 5.0.x. Depending on how you use Royal TS, those versions may be unstable.

"That's why we are considering a "initial scale factor" setting so that users can set it to whatever they prefer."

Thanks for keeping this thread alive and this would be great just like the webpage zoom factor!

For now I've just been using my laptop at 100% DPI so scaling is normal in RDP sessions, it's a little harder on the eyes but makes work so much easier.

Any news ? Did "initial scale factor" was implemented ? Somehow i tryed 5.03.61110.0 and problem stil persists! I can use initial resolution so that the size is more or less similar, but it's anyway stays blurred!

I guess this fixes all the problems. With this chechbox checked there in no scaling problems at all.

The initial scale factor feature is still on our roadmap for V6.


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