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Remote Desktop DPI Scaling: RoyalTS vs Windows

I've noticed recently that if I connect to a anything using Remote Desktop in Windows using MSTSC the scaling seems to be correct but when I connect using RoyalTS everything is enlarged. This has caused me some issues when using software in Remote Desktop connections in RoyalTS because everything is so large it's hard to see everything as intended leading to more scroll bars, etc...





I think I just found a regression in our code. Let me do some more tests. I will get back to you if I have a build to test for you. Maybe I just found the bug...

Sounds good, appreciate the quick responses.

I'm afraid I have bad news. Did some testing and checked the (very thin) docs available. As far as I can tell, the code is correct. So maybe Microsoft did (intentionally or unintentionally) change the behavior on the ActiveX control - at least for the initial zoom. What happens if you click on the Zoom Out button on the Actions ribbon tab once the connection has been established. The statusbar should show 100% zoom level. Is the scaling correct after clicking zoom out / 100%?

No worries I'm trying to get adjusted to 100% DPI in the meantime. Will look into that zoom level and get back to you. 

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