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Perform Fuzzy Searches

 What is this ? How it works? And where ? "New search option 'Perform Fuzzy Searches'" is not enough

It's too complicated to explain that in the release notes. Many users in IT already know what it is and those who don't know will not miss it or can simply google for it. That being said, if you do know what it is, you do not want to miss it again ;)

And surely you can post a link for people who missed that point ?

It basically allows you to hit a couple of characters or fragments in the order they appear in the string to find a match. For example, imagine you have the following host name:


you could type w16hv (win-2016-hyperv) and find the match

As mentioned, there are many explanations and descriptions you can find when you search for fuzzy search or fuzzy matching.

I hope this helps.


Is it works in 5.1.10909 - Beta out of the box or i should turn it on?

Because for example i have "ya giga ssh" connection

but ya-ssh doesn't find anything. (i use search string)

The setting is not enabled by default. Go to View -> Options -> User Interface -> Navigation and enable the option.


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