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Get error 50331656 when establishing multiple RDP sessions via gateways

We're using RoyalTS to connect to a large environment with multiple RDP gateways. We have found that when RoyalTS establishes multiple server connections via the same RDP gateway it creates a single (or very small number) of TCP sessions for the multiple RDP gateway connections. When we begin connecting to multiple servers we eventually being receiving error '50331656' stating:

Your computer can't connect to the Remote Desktop Gateway server. Contact your network administrator for assistance.

By contrast, if we use something like RDCMan and connect to ten servers via the same gateway it creates ten different TCP sessions, and does not experience this issue.

We are working with the gateway vendor on this behavior, however since it works with other RDP tools we are also trying to figure out the RoyalTS aspect of this.

Is there some way to configure RoyalTS to *not* use the same TCP connection for multiple connections via the same RDP gateway?

Hi Scott,

this is strange as RDCMan and Royal TS is using the very same RDP ActiveX control. I've browsed through the docs and couldn't really find anything which may control this behavior. Maybe you can try mRemoteNG (which is Open Source) and see if it behaves like RDCMan?



Thanks for the feedback, I'm currently working around the issue by using a different RDP client, however our organization has a lot of tools and automation build around RoyalTS that I am now missing, hence us wanting to explore seeing if we can address this from the RoyalTS side.


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