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Open vSphere URL an close Tab on RoyalTS


we are using a Web Page Connection (vmrc://) to open a vmWare Console in Royal TS on Windows.

It works like a charm, but in RoyalTS a Tab is opened without any content, because the vmrc:// Link starts the vmWare Remote Cosole oder vmWare Workstation as an external application.

So I habe to close these tabs manually.

Is there any way to close the tab automatically after executing the vmrc:// Link?

Any Ideas?


it looks like you are "hi-jacking" the browsers URI scheme handler to execute the vmrc:// URI in your OS. I'm not sure if this can be handled to automatically close the tab but you can try to use command tasks to execute the URI. The command task will not create a tab at all and just executes your command (vmrc://...).



thanks for you answer!

I created a CommandTask (see picture), but unfortuanally it doesn't work, because RTS starts in it's WorkingDirectory.

Is there any chance to start a CommandTask with a ShellExecute Option? Like doing it with Win+r?

(24.4 KB)

I think you should be able to do this with cmd.exe

In the Command, specify the cmd.exe

In the Arguments field, specify something like this: /c "start vmrc://..."

Let me know if this helps.


You're right! That works perfectly!


Glad I could help.


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