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Royal TS in Microsoft TEAMS

We are using Microsoft TEAMS.

Our goal is ti get access to as much as possible through TEAMS.

As you may know there are A LOT of programs that have apps in Teams, however I cannot find Royal TS.

Do you have any plan to make an app for TEAMS and what is the target date in that case?

Hi Reine,

I'm not sure how such an integration could work. Royal TS is using .rtsz files which holds the configuration. I'm not sure how Teams could access those files as they may be located on file shares or local drives (or even Royal Server document library).

What would be the use case for the Teams integration you picture?



Thank you for fast reply!


Our work process is that we will try to use “only” TEAMS to access programs.

By this I mean that we could trigger RTS from TEAMS or even have a “built in” View for RTS.

Now we use Royal Server (very nice indeed) so this could mean that we only open RTS from TEAMS and then the connection (from last session) starts and we are running.


e.a. we have possibility to use OneNote from Teams.

This means that we work in a “mirror” environment of OneNote that is stored in this case in SharePoint.

As you see we can use A LOT of apps that is “mirroring” the actual program.

Thank you for the details. I'm not sure if we have the time and resources to integrate Royal TS connections into teams the way you anticipate. This seems to be a massive task. What you can do today with Royal TS, is starting connections from a link ( and populate a folder structure in Royal TS using a dynamic folder ( Maybe it's possible for you to create a common repository for your connections and populate the dynamic folder from that and put links in the teams org with the appropriate links to start the connections from within teams. This is the only way I can think of making this work but it requires a bit of doing on your side.

A tight integration between Teams and Royal TS is not on the roadmap for the near- or mid-term. Sorry.

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