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Chrome Key Sequence not working since update


since Update 5.0.61428 Key Sequences are not working anymore on Web Page Connections (Chrome)


I think the web page does not get the focus since the key sequence will run outside of the web page and is changing stuff in the royal ts interface

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For me, it is not sporadic.  Once I upgraded, a key sequence in Chrome could not use {ENTER}.  I have even tried uninstalling and downgrading Royal TS, and that did not fix the issue.  I don't know how to change the Chrome plugin version alone.  It also appears that clicking buttons with auto fill is broken in the Chrome plugin.  I have been talking with Patrik who is with Royal TS support, and he has reproduced the issue.  It has also happened to my co-worker who uses Royal TS.

"when you see this issue, are there other connections open/active? "

Fails either way.

"Is this happening with all web sites or just specific ones?"

All websites using the Chrome plugin.  IE Works fine.

I just did some more digging and suddenly I could repro the same issue! So I investigated and found a potential code snippet which could cause this issue. The focus handling of the web browser changed dramatically as I read on the vendor's forum, so maybe it's a weird race condition when the message pump is not quite ready when the key sequence kicks in.

Anyhow, I quickly compiled a version based on the 5.1 beta code base for you to try:

Please note, this release has not been fully tested and it may not be as stable as 5.0 right now. Please keep that in mind. It would just be interesting if my little fix worked.


Thanks, Stefan!!! I'll give it a shot once I can get a little free time.

I have installed and tested the beta, and that appears to correct the issue.

Tried the new version, it works better but its not like it was before

Something changed with the {TAB} Placeholder


The username gets entered correctly but after the tab one character gets entered in the password field before the actual password, hard to explain.

Its like this:

*Key sequence starts with a wait*

*Tab to focus Username Field*

*Username gets entered correctly*

*short wait*

*tab to focus password field*

*one character gets entered in the password field ???*

*short wait*

*password gets entered in the password field (but is now wrong because of the one character)*

*tab two times to the submit button ends on the username field... so this is also wrong*

// Was on break while writing this message, after the break royal ts was unstable (could be because of the beta) so I restarted the app and now its like before... nothing gets entered and the context menu pops up in the top left corner again...

Hi Patrick,

the initial wait is quite short. Can you try to increase the first wait time? Maybe it's related to a specific web page? Do you see the same issue on other pages?

Anyone else has feedback on the beta release? For Artur it seems the issue has been resolved, correct?

I've increased the wait but it did not change anything.

But I noticed something.

If a key sequence starts there is a notification in the bottom left corner.

So I can see that the key sequence is already starting while the page shows up as loading on the bottom of royal ts.

Since I'm using a secure gateway the page takes some time to load.

I think the key sequence starts to soon and without focus on the chrome tab... the initial wait does not change the start of the key sequence itself

Just insert a couple of these before pass:  {BACKSPACE}...


I made a Video of the current behavior:

I have a similar problem with the key sequence broadcaster using the terminal emulators, both RebEx and Putty. I've followed the advice to downgrade to v5.00.61330 and the problem isn't there with that version.

Thank you for the video, Patrick. Can you increase the first wait in the key sequence task to {WAIT:5000} - just for testing?

I still have the problem with the new Beta... sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't... but I found a workaround with the autofill plugin which works for our case... so i don't use key sequences anymore.

Resolved with v.5.2.60204 for me!

I'm using Royal TS v5.0.61707 on Windows 10 1903 (18362.356) and can reproduce this issue.

Key sequence tasks work fine with IE based connections but not with Chrome.

When attempting to connect using Chrome with the exact same key sequence task, the first letter of the username is not put into the login form, and tabs and enter doesn't work inside the web page. To finish off with, the 'Restore/Move/Size/Minimize/Maximise/Close' menu opens up (the same as if you left click the application icon at the top left of the title bar).

The key sequence task is: {WAIT:5000}$EffectiveUsername${TAB}$EffectivePassword${ENTER}

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