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Getting notifications on the task bar when logging off of RDP sessions.

Just updated to V5, and on all RDP sessions, when I am logging off of the RDP sessions, I get a pop up notification from the bottom right of the taskbar notifying me of a disconnect. I am logging off on purpose and not disconnecting and do not need notification. Is there a way to turn that notification off? It is just an annoyance but I figured I would ask. this was not happening on V4 FYI.

Hi Travis,

I checked our tickets and also the Windows 10 Feedback Hub. There seems to be an issue with 1903. Maybe Royal TS is also affected. In any case, the next release will have options to turn that off from within the app.



For some reason Royal TS is not in my notifications section, and I'm unable to turn off these notifications, Running Win 10 1903 - thoughts?

Thanks for the info, that fixed it. I should have looked there first, I was too focused on the application options section. Thanks again...Cheers.

Hi Elliott,

you can disable the notifications on Windows-side with the Settings UWP app at: Settings - Notifications & actions - Royal TS, just like seen in my screenshot:

Hope this helps! :)

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