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V5 Beta Dashboard throws errors

 I have fairly consistent errors with the Dashboard throwing errors.

I normally keep it closed but if I open it and then try to log into an SSH device it will always throw some error. If I have the dashboard open and even just select a device from the tree on the left I'll get the error. I've been reporting them, and there is a work around (close the dashboard and try again), but was curious if anyone else has seen this issue?

The error I'm getting the most of now is:


'System.Dynamic.ExpandoObject' does not contain a definition for 'Item3'

You're welcome, Adam! :)

Fixed! Thanks much.

Hi Adam,

this issue has already been fixed in the most recent Royal TS v5 release. Can you please update your beta to the most recent one and let me know if that fixed mentioned issue. Thanks!



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