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CJK fullwidth characters not rendered correctly (Rebex terminal)


I'm linux administrator in Japan and evaluating Royal TS (4.3.60810) on Windows 10.
It's superb product I think, but has a problem when rendering Japanese character (or Chinese/Korean) on default Rebex terminal.


(Font: Adobe's Source Code Pro)

Like This.Only half of each character is rendered, so it's unreadable.


Putty do this fine, but I like to use Rebex terminal because it has better logging,
key broadcasting, color/font options(change font size without reconnect).

Can Rebex terminal handle this like Putty?
Many thanks and sorry for my bad english.

I'm sorry I have no better news for you. Rebex is aware but they also expressed the technical difficulties involved. I have not much hope but maybe they take another look at it if more users provide feedback to them directly:

After 4 years, this issue still exists.

Germar suggested to use Putty plugin. However I really hope Rebex can fix up the issue. RoyalTS would be perfect if this Asian character rendering issue could be fixed.


My guess is, it will never happen. As Rebex stated above, it's not possible using their current approach.

2years past, any updates?

Thanks for the kind words!

I'm really sorry I have no better news for you. Who knows, maybe rebex will be able to support your language at a later time. In the meantime you have to switch to the PuTTY based plugin in Royal TS...

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your support and the detailed information.
It's too bad that Rebex will not support my language.
For the moment, I'll try to using another font, or using putty.
BTW thanks for the great product.
I'll recommend Royal TS to my co-workers when CJK language is fully supported.


I just got a reply from the 3rd party vendor regarding the issue.

Unfortunately, rendering of UTF-16 surrogate pair characters are not currently supported (this includes requested Japanese/Chinese/Korean characters) and it is not planned for near future. Sorry.


To add the support for this is not trivial. It requires completely different approach. For now, all characters are mapped one to one for terminal cell. But surrogate pair characters requires to map one character to two terminal cells. Also navigation from the side of server requires special handling for such characters.


A possible workaround to make it better readable is to select a different font, like Lucida Sans 12 or so. The characters are not clipped and they can be read more easily.

I'm sorry I have no better news for you.


Thanks for the feedback. We contacted the 3rd party vendor to see if there's something we can do to improve the rendering. I will update this thread once we have more information.


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