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Web Pages over Secure Gateway

Possibility to open / use web pages over the Secure Gateway connections.

So that you don't need to make a VPN for viewing a webpage / management page of a device on a client / other location.

With the Secure Gateway that would be awesome that's not an option now: 

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Autofill does not see the fields to use when using a Secure Gateway.

Don't know if its possible to do that.

@Kay: We currently only open the tunnel when the connection is actually established. So you will have to manually find out which jQuery selectors are required to access the fields.

Please see the "Tips and Tricks" section of the following KB article for instructions:

I know that one thanks ;) Just wanting to let you know, that its not working before the tunnel indeed. Maybe you can get it to work to temporally build the tunnel to fetch the jQuery selectors.

@Kay: Would you mind posting a separate feature request for that?

I just looked into what would be required to set this up but it's not trivial unfortunately.

Done ;) 

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