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Web Pages over Secure Gateway

Possibility to open / use web pages over the Secure Gateway connections.

So that you don't need to make a VPN for viewing a webpage / management page of a device on a client / other location.

With the Secure Gateway that would be awesome that's not an option now: 

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In Royal TS for Windows you need to switch to the Chrome plugin. Then you will see the Secure Gateway configuration. You also need to check the option "Use dedicated engine" on the Engine page and configure the proxy settings to use the Secure Gateway. We will soon post a detailed blog article.

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It literally just typed up a question about this exact feature and was pointed to this post! 

I see that the feature is not present on Royal TSX (Mac) but I'm struggling to find the Secure Gateway menu when creating a webpage connection on Royal TS (PC) too.


 Ok, first, just started using the Secure Gateway feature in Royal TSX 3.0 last week, and it has become my new best friend.  :-)  So thank you for this feature.  For SSH, VNC, and RDP, it is incredibly easy to setup.

Then today I thought about trying to get at a webpage via similar means, only to find that's not possible.  I'd like so add "yet?" *wink wink*

Ok, seriously, adding that would be very nice, considering Royal TSX supports webpages, and I can see lots of use cases, such as what Kay mentioned (notably if VPNing in isn't even an option).  So I'll add my name to list of folks who would love to see this on the Mac version.

This feature is in the Windows version of Royal TS but having it in the TSX version would be so sweet!

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