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Single DB for multiple collegues with personal credentials


is it possible to use a shared connection database (.rtsz) for multiple people with personal credentials. The pers. cred are not safed in the .rtsz, but in the personal installation of the collegues.


RDP Connection to "" saved in the shared .rtsz

-> right click on the RDP Connection

-> connect with Credentials "user1" from Application/Credential

I am new to RoyalTS, i hope you can help me :)

Kind regards Frank

Hi Frank,

yes, that is possible. You can find out how to configure this here:

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Germar Tischler

Thank you for the quick response, this seems to be what i was looking for! Just for the feature a right click "connect as" like in Windows Explorer might be a feature :)

On last question, is it possible to force logging from shared databases (.rtsz). Log entries should be like:

2024-07-02_0815: user1 opened a connection from from his device1 to server 1

2024-07-02_0816: user1 disconnected from from his device1 from server 1

2024-07-02_0817: user2 opened a connection from from his device2 to server 1

2024-07-02_0818: user2 disconnected from from his device2 from server 1

I do only find this option in the Applicatrion Settings, but not in a shared DB.

Hi Frank,

you can already select which credentials you wish to use for a connection by doing the following:

Right-click on a connection --> connect with options -> prompt for credentials

The credential picker will then open, which will allow you to pick which credentials to use. Unfortunately, being able to select the credential right after "connect with options" from the dropdown menu is not possible. We are also not likely to implement this due to the fact that it won't really scale well. If for instance, a user has hundreds of credentials, the dropdown menu would be so full that you won't really be able to find the credential you are looking for.

As for the logging, that is actually also already possible. 

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