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SSH inactivity timeout

We connect to Cisco switches which have a 5 minute inactivity timeout setup. We've tried changing the Rebex Keep Alive to 30000 (which should send a keepalive every 30 seconds) but we still get disconnected every 5 minutes. We tried changing to the Putty plugin and changing the Keep Alive Interval to 30 seconds but that would also still disconnect us every 5 minutes. Any suggestions on how to stay connected to the SSH session even though the switches are set to disconnect inactive sessions after 5 minutes?

Hi Mike,

I've heard of devices/appliances which do not honor specific ignore packets used for keep alive functionality. AFAIK there's nothing on the client side to "convince" those devices to keep the connection open. I think your question should be directed to Cisco, F5 and similar companies ;)


The Royal TS client should be able to send a keep alive to the switch to keep it connected even though the exec-timeout is set to 5 minutes. Do you have a doc that shows how to setup Royal TS correctly to do this? I've tried a bunch of things and it doesn't appear like Royal TS is sending the keep alive.

It depends on the plugin you use.

For Rebex, go to the plugin settings and enable Keep Alive there:

For PuTTY you can configure it in the Advanced settings of the connection:

Let me know if this helps.


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