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RoyalTS: web page certificate

Hello everyone,
when trying to connect with RoyalTS to some web pages, it asks me on some webpages to chosse a certificate.


I have to web pages, both using a letsencrypt certificate. One asks me for a certificate every time (attachment), the other works fine without any interruption.Couldn't find any differences beetween these two. When aborting the prompt for a certificate, the web pages loads without any issues. I tried direct connection and also via a royalserver gateway.

I did not find any useful in

Someone can explain me how RoyalTS WebPages deals with certificates and what to look for?


the dialog you see shows up if the remote server asks for a client certificate. This has nothing to do with server/https certificates. It also seems that the server does not require you to provide a client certificate, that's why the page seems to load fine when cancelling the prompt. You can find more information about the implementation details here:

What kind of web page is prompting you for a client certificate? Is this an in-house app or a public web site where you can contact the owner for more information?


Hi Stefan,

First, a big thank you for always answering my questions here :)

I did not notice that it is asking for a client certificate. Thanks for pointing that out. 

It's the website from the FortiClient EMS (Endpoint Management Server). 

I did install chrome to test the website with it -> no certificate prompt. Maybe I just don't see it in the browser or it only is appearing when using RoyalTs...

Your very welcome! Always happy to help.

Maybe the difference in behavior is related to the user agent string? Maybe you can also look at the dev tools (in both Chrome and Royal TS) to find out why you see the prompt in Royal TS.

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