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Upgrade Royal Server 4 to version 5 fails -> server down

Royal server doesn't work after installing RTS 5.0 the following entry's where found in de log:

Database is not encrypted => forcing upgrade

atabase options: {"ConnectionType":"Direct","DatabaseFile":{"Value":"C:\\ProgramData\\RoyalServer\\royalserverV4.db","$type":"RootedPath"},"NeedsUpgrade":false,"ReloadDatabaseOnChange":false,"ReloadDatabaseOnChangeDelay":null,"$type":"DatabaseOptions"}

Database options: {"ConnectionType":"Direct","DatabaseFile":{"Value":"C:\\ProgramData\\RoyalServer\\royalserverV4.db","$type":"RootedPath"},"NeedsUpgrade":false,"$type":"DatabaseOptions"}


Hello René! I'm sorry to hear that the automatic DB upgrade failed. In order to figure out what happened and what can be done about it, we will need additional information.
Can I ask you to open a ticket under

Hi René,

I did reply to your ticket 79852 earlier.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,


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