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Error after updating Royal Server


I just recently updated Royal Server to 4.1.50427.0 and our administrators are all getting the following error when opening a host:

Secure Gateway
An error occurred while opening a Tunnel: A supplied password or user name is incorrect. 

If we click OK, close out of Royal TS, re-authenticate MFA, we can then remote into that host. However, after several minutes, when attempting to remote into another host, that same error occurs and we have to close TS and re-open again. 

Any ideas what's going on here or how we might resolve this?

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Hi Mike,

I replied to t your ticket a short while ago, however it seems that the credentials (possibly in the Royal Server object), are not set correctly, and you are getting an error because of this.

Let me know if the troubleshooting steps helped!

best regards,


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