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Royal Server - not auto-starting

Hey guys,

I have Royal Server installed on a WS2012 R2 server, running normally. Except when i reboot the server (due to Windows Updates mostly) Royal Server does not start automatically. I've noticed the Royal Server service is set to 'Automatic', the service account used is ok, it just does not start up automatically. If i then open Royal Server and click the 'Start' button we're back in business, but this is not as it should i assume and it is annoying.

I've been looking in the Royal Server configuration tool to check where i can start it upon boot or reboot, but i cannot find anywhere something alike.

Any suggestions please?

With regards,


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Hi Sven,

the Royal Server Windows service is blocked until some of the Windows Services are started (and thus run in a Windows timeout if that takes too long) - the delayed autostart is probably the best in such circumstances. 

Try changing it from “Automatic” startup to “Automatic (Delayed Start)” then it will start after reboot.



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