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Dynamic Folder contents do not persist after saving shared document

We have a Dynamic Folder that looks up our Keeper Secrets Manager credentials using PowerShell. We set it to automatically load, and it does do that on startup.

However, if any change is made to the document to cause it to automatically save, the contents of the Dynamic Folder disappear, and do not reload automatically. We have to manually right-click on it and choose Reload.

We don't have this problem if we create a document outside of Royal Server that is not shared, as the contents can be cached.

Two potential solutions (for us) would be to either allow Dynamic Folder contents to cache in RAM only, so they don't disappear when the document saves but also are not written to disk. Or, include another option such as "Reload Automatically after Save."

Hi Ramon!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I think the best solution would be to reload dynamic folders which are configured to automatically load on startup/load after the save operation. I will see that this gets implemented until the next release.

One last question: are you using Windows or macOS on the client side?


Sorry, I forgot to respond to that. We use Windows.

Just to let you know, the next release will now reload all configured dynamic folder when saved to a Royal Server.

Stay tuned...

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