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OTP Support (Authlite)

Hi everyone,
I can see a few older posts asking for OTP Support.
We want to use Authlite for admin accounts, but really love RoyalTS and don't want to break the user experience.

Are there any news to this?



Can you elaborate what you mean exactly with "OTP Support"? If you are using Royal Server, you can already use OTP for accessing documents and for secure gateway connections. If you are referring to OTP support for connection types and logins, it depends on the connection and how the client can handle OTP requests.


Hi Stefan,

I am currently investigating in royal server but yet alone the windows server license exceeds the cost of authlite for one user. So probably I will stick to RoyalTS without Royal Server (but I need some kind of 2FA anyway).

Authlite is a two-factor authentication for Active Directory. It works with YubiKeys.

It supports native windows rdp protocol by installing a small program on the rdp target machine.

It was asked here but seems litte outdated:

Hi there,

we've had a ticket a while a go regarding MFA Authlite support, and this was the configuration used to make it work:




The credential object was configured like this:



Once I double-click on the connection, I'm prompted to enter the OTP from the Google Authenticator:

Afterward, I was connected to the test system.

Could you test if this is what you were looking for?

Best regards,


In case of RDP OTP, you can try the solution Christoph has just posted. Does this work for you?


Hm I am acutally looking for using yubikeys (the small usb-stick for authentication). Maybe I will just get one for testing and see what I can achieve with RoyalTs :)

If I have something new I will post it here.

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