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Web page error -336

After configuring a website through Secure Gateway, I received an error code without any description:

Load failed: "Error code:-336"

Gravedad: Warning

Categoría: WebPage.Chrome

What concerns to that code?

I can open in Royal Server the website with the local browser without problems.

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According to the vendor of the Chromium component, it is related to a feature/protocol used by the web server which isn't supported by the proxy server. When using a secure gateway, a very basic local SOCKS proxy is started on the client machine to utilize the SSH based local port forwarding tunnel. There's a good chance that the target web server is using more advanced protocols without any fallbacks which may cause issues like this. Can you provide more information what kind of web server/web app you are trying to connect to? If we can reproduce the issue, we could look into it.

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