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Problem with getting folder list

Hello. I am a developer. My task now is to write sftp-server. My server must have limited functionality. I wrote it and it works great with MobaXterm, WinSCP, as well as with linux openssh sftp client. But the customer uses your program to connect. During the connection, a list of directories and files from the start directory is available, but when I try to go to one of the directories, I get the error "An error occurred while executing the action 'Change Directory'. Details: Not enough data.". I kindly ask you to tell me where to look for the problem. If additional information is required, I will provide it. Thank you very much

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we're using a 3rd party commercial library for (S)FTP/SCP:

AFAIK their API is always closely following RFC or other protocol standards. I think your best bet is to contact them directly to sort it out since we don't have access to their source code.


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