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Significant document speed differences between V6 & V7 icons appear to be the key.

In our group there are six of us contributing to an RTS document.  The document was started on v5 and we've carried it over. Let's say there are 2k+ records and not everything has a custom icon or color assigned.  It's a mixed bag.  The system has always performed as expected. 

Upon upgrading to v7 we've noticed a significant slowdown when making any change to the document, saving, deleting objects, creating new connections, property changes etc., taking approximately 20 seconds each time to save/load/etc.  We've tried many things to rectify this, disable auto merge/save, disable auto backup, disable custom colors, change icons.
Some with marginal improvements. 

We've created a new document and have discovered that eventually it becomes slow if you make any changes to the default icon set. If you leave the icons default the document works as expected. 
With all changes and options and tweaks one thing is constant, opening the document in whatever state is fine with v6 or v5 but struggles on v7.

One final note.  A document that causes this slow condition, will affect the performance of the other open documents, once closed the responsiveness will return.  

Hi Sam,

thanks for reporting the issue. We fixed a nasty image caching bug recently and I was wondering if you can test the following internal build to see if it improves the situation:


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So far this seems to have resolved the issue with the document load/save time.  If there is anything else you'd like me to test please let me know.


Thanks for confirming. Good to know this build resolves those issue. We hope to have a release ready around or shortly after Easter.

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