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cannot add connections after Royal TS upgrade

I typically install updates when Royal TS notifies me when one is available.  This morning I upgraded to 7.2.50229.0 and now I cannot add connections.  The app is telling me I can't add connections to the Application document, which is not what I'm doing.


Hi Chris,

I'm not sure what steps lead to this error. I just tried to add a new connection to one of my documents and it works as expected. Can you provide exact repro steps? Maybe a short video? Feel free to open a support ticket here in case you don't want to share the video publicly.



Right click a folder (not in the Applications document) --> Add --> Remote Desktop

I guess it could be document related for whatever reason.  The timing of it after the upgrade made me wonder if its a bug everyone else is seeing.

I'm still not able to reproduce the issue on my side. Right-clicking a folder and use Add -> Remote Desktop (or any other object) works as expected. I'm wondering what's going on. Maybe a video might be helpful after all.

I just created a new document and attempted the same operation.  Same result.  I'll open a case.

Yeah, I think that would be the best way forward. Thanks!

Glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem. I can "duplicate" a connection, but cannot create a new one. Exact same behaviour as described by Chris.
Most probably after I updated to 7.2.50229 this morning.

Hi Benjamin,

can you also open a support ticket and provide more context to get behind this?

Thank you,

Same problem here ...


Interestingly, I can add a new connection to my standard file if (and while) I have another (newly created) connection file open. If I close the new connection file, adding to my standard file is again not possible.

Benjamin that is what I found as well.  Follow the dialogue to create a new file, leave it open, then open the existing file.

Exact same issue, can duplicate/delete, etc.. but "new" gets the same error on document


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I can confirm that after installing this internal build, adding new connections is now working as it should.

Thanks for confirming. Will do some more testing and release this version soon...

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