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Connect to local shell from Rebex terminal?

Hi, I have the following issue:


In the near future, I need to connect to Linux machines using "CyberArk PSM". In this system, you request access to a privileged user and for the time window that this access is granted, you can connect to the target machine using an ssh string like this: 


There is already some documentation on but this approach does not use a ssh connection key sequence and does not work for me because:

  • I am using a shared file containing 100's of servers, using locally configured credentials containing the local user's username and password
  • Every server can be connected to with several high privileged usernames
So it is not workable for me to directly configure usernames etc. in the terminal objects themselves, they need to come from locally configured credentials which are then referenced in a key sequence task:

ssh $EffectiveUsername$@$this.EffectiveUsername$#hostgroup_name@$URI$


To execute a custom ssh command from a key sequence task like this, I first need to connect to a machine from which I can ssh. I have no such machine available, except my local machine.



How can I create a Terminal object that connects to my localhost / local shell?

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Hi Leo,

I'm afraid rebex doesn't support opening a local shell. You always have to connect to an (SSH) server. On macOS this is possible because iTerm supports this scenario.


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