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Dynamic Folder / CustomProperties

Hi there!

I'm creating a dynamic folder from AD with a powershell script. I'm wondering how to add the properties 



to the RDP Connection. Basically my Script is working perfectly - I'm just not able to "activate" those features. Can you help on that?

Basically that's the call which creates the psobject which get's converted in a json object afterwards.

I tried it with a nested property - but this does not work:

$null = $Servers.Add([PSCustomObject]@{
  Name = $PSItem.Name
  Type = 'RemoteDesktopConnection'
  ComputerName = $PSItem.Name
  CredentialName = 'high_secure_credential_entry'
  CustomProperties = @{
      EnableConvenienceKeyForwards = $true
      EnableWindowsKey = $true

  Path = $PSItem.CanonicalName.Replace("/$($PSItem.Name)",'')

$RoyalTSObjects = @{}
$null = $RoyalTSObjects.Add('Objects',$Servers)
$RoyalTSObjects | ConvertTo-Json -depth 3


This is an example output with my script: 

  "Objects": [
      "Name": "SERVER_A",
      "Type": "RemoteDesktopConnection",
      "ComputerName": "SERVER_A",
      "CredentialName": "high_secure_credential",
      "CustomProperties": {
        "EnableWindowsKey": true,
        "EnableConvenienceKeyForwards": true
      "Path": ""

  Thx for your help guys!


instead of "CustomProperties" use "Properties":



Hi Stefan!

Thx for your answer - that worked like a breeze!

Now it's working as expected

Thx for your help and have a nice time!

Cheers Florian

You're welcome. Glad I could help.

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