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Royal TS Chiming When I Select A Session

This seems to have started an update or two ago. Now, when I have a session open, and I return focus to that session from some other application, there is a disruptive Windows 'booonngg' before I can actually do anything in that session. In other words, the first click to the session triggers the annoying sound, and only then do I have actual access to the session (two clicks to begin working versus one). Anyone else having this happen in a current version of Windows 11?

Hi Jeff,

I've seen the same issue a couple of times. It looks like this is related to the MS RDP ActiveX control as it only happens there. So far we haven't found a solution. The RDP ActiveX is closed source from Microsoft therefore we can't really see what's going on.


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Thanks for confirming it's not just me, Stefan. Maybe Microsoft will make another change that puts things back the way they were!

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