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RoyalTS V7 Web Autofill worthless feature

It is entirely inconsistent, one minute it works without any issue or error

Then next it will say that it failed to parse

Then it will throw an error that it failed to initiate the process to scan

Then it will start working fine again.

It is flaky, poorly designed and very very inconsistent in its functionality.

Personally I would not bother having any sort of web page links or anything in the program as it adds nothing but a headache at least for me.

Wont load ESXi hypervisor pages and parse them properly either in Chrome or IE, same for vmware vcenter, firewall login pages seems to be an utterly pointless inclusion.

Hi Matthew,

I'm sorry you are experience issues with the web autofill feature. To be honest, I'm not really sure what issue(s) you are having. I know that some web pages are very difficult to automate automatic login but some of your comments about the error messages you are receiving are mysterious and I can't really imagine where these errors originate.

May I kindly ask you to open a support ticket here:

Best would be to include the web pages you are trying to configure, the auto fill configuration (screenshot) and the error messages you are receiving (screenshot).

Thank you,


I had a dig around in the logs and I have LOTS of these when I try and open web pages, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt:



I've seen that you also created a support ticket. From the screenshots, I can already tell you, that these crashes are not originating from our code base. I will continue the conversation in the ticket. Thanks!

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