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RoyalTS 7 - Tabs Do Not Close When Session Ended

I have been using RoyalTS 6 for a while and it's quickly become my favorite remote session management app. I decided to jump on the v7 beta and see how the new version is shaping up, and I really like all the improvements so far. However there's one thing that's bothering me and I can't seem to figure out how to change this behavior.

In v6 when an SSH session ends the tab is closed automatically. Since installing v7 the behavior is that the tab stays open after the session has ended. I have scoured the Options trying to find out where the setting is to close tabs automatically, but I cannot locate it.

Just to note, when I disconnect or sign out from an RDP session the tab does automatically close. RDP and SSH are really the only two connection types I use, so I don't know if this behavior is present in other connection types.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Brian,

I put in a ticket for this exact same thing on the latest 7.00.20728 Beta Release. Support let me know they've already found the cause and it should be fixed in the next release. I ended up rolling back to the previous 7.00.20704 release while I wait for that next beta version to come out.

For reference, the setting that controls this is located at Options -> Behavior -> Tabs and Connections -> "Keep remotely disconnected tabs open"

Hi Brian, Hi Zach,

we've just released our Royal TS V7 Stable build which includes a variety of improvements and fixed including the fix regarding the tabs not closing.

You can download it here:

Best regards,


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