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[RTS 6.1.60731] Catching external app has stopped working

I'm using the External Application connection type to embed Mikrotik's Winbox app into Royal TS.

It was working fine with v6.1.60616, i.e., the Winbox window was catched and displayed in the Royal TS tab as expected. See the configuration below.

However, since upgrading to v6.1.60731, the Winbox app just starts as an external window and stays external. No tab is shown in Royals TS, not even for a couple of seconds (as previously, when the window-selection config was incorrect).

Can you please check whether a bug was introduced in v6.1.60731?


Best, Martin





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Hi Martin,

AFAIK there hasn't been any change in this area. Just to be sure it's not related to the executable, can you install the v6.1.60616 (or simply download the ZIP file and start it from there) to double check it's still working with this version?

You can find the download links here:


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