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Create custom username for login from credential

Hi there, 

I am trying to create multiple terminal sessions (using RoyalTs 6.1.60616) which would need a custom username (need to append port information to username upon logon).

We have a console switch which is reachable over ssh. But to select the console switch port you want to connect to, you have to provide the port with the login username for example:

user: walther

port: 22 

resulting in: walther:7022

My current solution is to use the "specify username and password" option under the credentials tab. With the drawback: I have to take care of the credentials in every single terminal object.

I am asking if it is possible to use something like the replacement tokens to solve this.


"specify username and password" and in the fields replacement tokens like

$EffectiveUsername$ and $EffectivePassword$:

so the username would look like:


and the password would just be:


I tried this, but had no luck. Since one must resolve the credentials before they are assignable via the tokens. But then the credentials are already used for opening the connection to the server...

I also experimented with sending a key sequence, but also unsuccessfully. As the connection will always be initiated with just the credential username.

Is something like the above mentioned  currently possible in royalts?

Kind regards


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Hi Steffen,

this is currently not possible in Royal TS/X.


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