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RoyalTS hangs for 30-ish seconds after a disconnect from a Windows-server over RDP


We're experiencing 30 seconds hang in RoyalTS when logging off from RDP-connections. (the entire application just freezes and is unresponsive until that timeout has passed, then everything is back to normal.)

I found this article from a few years back, but it didn't seem to change anything regarding this behaviour.

I'm logging on to a jumphost in our environment, and then starting RoyalTS  from that computer. This server is running Windows Server 2022, build 20348.1726 (so, May 2023 update)

RoyalTS is v 6.1.60512

Anyone seen this before?

Best Regards,






You know it's a good thing when you reply to your own posts within minutes... 

I turned off notifications under File - Options - Notifications, and it seems to have resolved itself now. Apparently, notifications are not "optimal" under Horizon Desktop, and thus causes the application to hang. 

I tested this with four colleagues, and we all now have a much better experience :) 

Hi Christian!

Wow, that's strange. Thanks for letting us know. I'm not sure how this OS level feature can cause problems like this but I'm glad you could figure out the root cause. Hopefully MS will fix this soon.


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