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External windows shows remote system too small, full screen works OK

This a recent problem that appeared in the last or previous release.

When I use RDP to connect to a server sometimes it displays correctly and sometimes the display of the remote system is very small. 

Steps to recreate:

Connect with Options > Full Screen

Result: remote server displays full screen (local task bar not shown). 

Connect with Options > External

Result: the local TS window is full screen but the remote system is displayed in a small window (covering about 20% of the screen) and unusable except to logout. The bottom left of the remote screen is anchored to the bottom left of remote window. See screen shot below.

Settings are as follows:

Display Options:

Color depth: True Color (24 bit). 

Scale factor: Automatic

Desktop Size: Auto expand/Full Screen

Resize Mode: Scroll bars

Window Mode:

Open connection in: External Window

Screen: Screen 1

Position: Custom Top Left 0 0

Size: Maximize

This may be related to the remote server version. It happens consistently on Windows Server 2016 DC and STD (V 1607 Build: 14393.5850) but not on Windows server 2012 RC (V 6.3.9600 Build: 9600).

If I logout of the remote 2016 server and connect with External Window it will show full screen, if I close the TS window (clicking the X in the upper right corner) and reconnect using the External Window option it will display the shrunken remote screen.

Royal TS version: 6.1.60512

My normal working mode is External Window, full screen so I can have access to my local task bar.

Hi Jason,

sorry that you are experiencing this behavior.

We were able to reproduce the issue and are working on a fix.

If you would like to downgrade to the previous version you can do so by following this link:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Best regards,


Hi Christoph:

Do you have an estimate on when that would be fixed and released? If it will be on the order of weeks then I'll downgrade.



Hi Jason,

we're already working on a fix, so it shouldn't be too far off.

You could however download the previous portable .zip version which does not require an installation here:

I hope this helps!

Best regards,


Hi Jason,

good news!

We just released a new Royal TS V6 build which fixes the small screen size issue you reported.

You can download the latest version either via the in-app updater or via the following link:

I hope this helps, and sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Best regards,



Downloaded and conformed problem is resolved.

Thanks for the rapid response on this issue.


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