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Multiple Windows Desktops + RTS changing focus when connections close.

Let me explain... 
In a three-monitor layout I'll run RTS on display-1 / Desktop-1, I'll keep on that display only the connections that do not require a multi-monitor view.  One-and-done maintenance tasks, applications, terminals etc.  I will often open three to five RDP connections to all displays on Desktop-2 through Desktop-5. 

My problem.... 

When working on Desktop-1 / Display-1, closing any connection from RTS intentionally or not, the desktops shift to whatever is designated as Tab1 on RTS.  Is there a way to disable this action after a connection closes? 

Hi Sam,

as far as I can tell, there's no explicit call to set any focus in the main application. I'm assuming the connection which is closed is in an external window (or full screen - which is technically also an external window). When a focused window is closed, the OS moves the focus to the next "best candidate" and since the owner/parent of the Window is the Royal TS main window, I guess the OS will restore the focus to the main window again. I'm not sure if and how this can be prevented/changed. Where do you want/expect to have the focus when the window has been closed?


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My hope would be to have the focus remain on the RTS application window rather than switch to the first tab.  Maybe the answer would be to set the first tab as the dashboard or an application rather that one of the external desktop connections. I'll experiment. Thank you. 

Hi Sam,

would you be able to do a screen recording which shows the issue. Just to make sure I fully understand the issue. If so, please open a support ticket here: and submit your video.


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