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Password Generator Templates and exclusions

We need Templates for the Password generator.

We predefine what a password have to look like for what connection.


A Sophos XGS Firewall HA Encryptionstring has to be 16 Chars long, Characters and Digits only, no special Characters or symbols are allowed.

So we want to define a Template-Selection to generate a Passwort that fits these requirements.

Also an exclusion of not allowed characters is a must-have!

Many Connectiontargets do not support all symbols, that are Generated at this time.

(#, { ,%, ...)

As a non german MSP we also exclude everthing, that is not US-compatible (yz) or likely missintepreted by humans (0 O o, 1 l L I i)

Doing so, we got the most secure passwords that fits the system requirements and limitations


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