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Disable file extension association in portable mode

Firstly, thanks for this nice software. I am using RoyalTS in portable mode by adding appsettings.json as instructed in the docs. It works as intended, but still, it adds file extension association entries in the registry during each startup.

There is no GUI option to disable file association as well. As in portable mode, I would prefer RoyalTS to not mess with the registry.

In the docs, I found that there are two configuration parameters available - RegisterFileTypes and RegisterUrlProtocols, which can control the Filetype and URL associations.

So, accordingly, I am setting these two environment variables to empty values before launch, hoping there will be more registry writes.

RTSDefault_RoyalApplicationSetting__RegisterFileTypes = 
RTSDefault_RoyalApplicationSetting__RegisterUrlProtocols = 


After setting these, the values are even reflected in code4ward.RoyalTS.UserPreferences.config file, but still it has no effect and adds filetype and URL association entries in the registry.

So, how to set these values properly so RoyalTS stops writing to the registry?

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Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. I was able to reproduce and fix the issue for the next release. We plan to release the fix sometime next week. Stay tuned.


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