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Release of RoyalTS V7

 Hello there,

we are currently using RoyalTS V7 and are very happy about the possibility to connect to an Windows server over a proxy with freeRDP, which wasn't possible in RoyalTS V6. Is there an approximate time when version 7 will be fully released?

Thank you and regards


Hi Daniel,

thank you very much for the kind words! Unfortunately, we don't have a release date set in stone yet. I am really sorry that I can't give you a more exact answer!

Kind regards,


 Hi Germar,

we don't need an exact date. To know if there is a Release in the next 6 Months or  not until 2024 would be very helpful for our future planings with RoyalTS.

kind regards


Hi Daniel,

if everything is going well, we are looking for a release in the first quarter.


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